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New Belgrade Gallery

New Belgrade Brutalist buildings

I’ve decided to show you this New Belgrade gallery without intention to condemn its architectural appearance. What is done is done.

Since,  the very beginning  from 1940s to 1950s, the main target was to turn the swamp area of New Belgrade into a new city. The plan was to build as many buildings as possible to meet the needs of the growing population.

In spite of good intentions, the whole area  quickly turned into an example of Brutalist architecture. Consequently, the grandiosity was the most important goal. 

Many residential buildings and even entire residential districts look monumental in an ugly way.

New Belgrade residents have always complained about the grayness of this part of Belgrade. As a result, locals frequently use the derogatory  phrase ‘dormitory’ to emphasize their view of New Belgrade.

Many of them describes New Belgrade as a place that neither inspires a creative life nor encourages healthy human relationships. 

Your first contact with Novi Beograd monumental architecture is Genex Tower, called  Western Gate of Beograd. On the opposite side of Belgrade, there is also so called Eastern city gate.

In recent decades, things have changed with the construction of several modern facilities. The most representative are Hyatt and Intercontinental hotels, Usce Business Center, Belgrade Sport Arena, Delta City.

In the meantime, some changes are visible in new housing constructions.  Buildings inside new residential blocks are lower with more vibrant colors.

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