Is Belgrade Cheap?


Table of Contents Many people ask me before deciding to visit Serbia – is Belgrade cheap? Some go further and ask ‘ how much money they will need for a trip to Belgrade?’ To answer these questions, first let’s see how to judge whether one country is cheap or not? The best way is to […]

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5 reasons to visit Serbia

5 Reasons to Visit Serbia


Nevertheless, if you’re one of those people who need some reasons to visit Serbia as your next destination just, keep on reading. It is not surprising that Serbia has been unfairly forgotten for years. Serbia has been a highly underrated travel destination for decades. Recently, many tourists start discovering Serbia. It’s capital, Belgrade, is the […]

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Beton Hala (Concrete Hall)

Beton Hala A Must Visit Place


Beton Hala (Concrete Hall) is a popular venue on the right bank of Sava river, just a few steps under Belgrade Fortress. It has become a popular oasis of numerous restaurants offering excellent food, drinks and music. It lies along the right Sava river bank in 2-4 Karadjordjeva street. It isn’t far from the Savamala […]

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Hotel Moskva Terazije

Hotel Moskva – Belgrade landmark


When you arrive in Belgrade it will be difficult not to notice Moskva hotel. Beside its location in the very center of the city (Terazije Square), it’s also one of the most recognizable Belgrade landmarks. It lies at the crossroad of three streets: Terazije, Prizrenska, and Balkanska. It’s only 5 minutes walk to Knez Mihajlova […]

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New Belgrade Brutalist buildings

New Belgrade Gallery

New Belgrade

I’ve decided to show you this New Belgrade gallery without intention to condemn its architectural appearance. What is done is done. Since,  the very beginning  from 1940s to 1950s, the main target was to turn the swamp area of New Belgrade into a new city. The plan was to build as many buildings as possible […]

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