Ex Yugoslavia map

Ex Yugoslavia Memory

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Ex Yugoslavia doesn’t’ exist any more. There are almost thirty years that the name Yugoslavia is not pronounced. Is it true that this name doesn’t really mean nothing anymore to anyone? I wouldn’t say, this name has disappeared completely from the minds of people. There is still the memory of ex country. Yugoslavia was a […]

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Economic Migration From Serbia

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Economic migration from Belgrade and Serbia have reached frightening numbers. More and more young people leave their country in search of a better future. Recent research shows that three quarters of young people living in Serbia want to emigrate.  This puts Serbia at the forefront among regional countries. Almous 50% of the survey respondents affirmed […]

Turkish coffee with ratluk

Belgrade Coffee Drinking

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Belgrade coffee drinking culture has a very long tradition. Having a cup of coffee can’t be considered only just like ‘a tool to wake up’. For local people is much more than that! Belgrade people like to drink coffee. They do drink a lot of coffee. But the way they enjoy coffee, has become a […]