Churches In Belgrade

There is no lack of churches in Belgrade. In Belgrade you will find the churches of all religions. This city has always respected the churches of different faiths.

Belgrade is full of famous and interesting churches, monasteries and places of worship of different confessions to visit and admire.

Serbia is a country of Orthodox religion. Almost, 85% of Serbia’s population are believers of the Orthodox faith. Roman Catholics make about 5 %, Muslims only 3,1 % , Protestants 0,99 % and others  in a smaller percentage.

As a result, the majority belong to Orthodox religion,  several Roman Catholic, one synagogue, one mosque and several places of worship of other confessions. 

Temple Saint Sava

Saint Sava Temple

The largest orthodox temple in the world. The huge Saint Sava temple is one of Belgrade’s most famous landmarks. It is visible from any part of the city. 

Most visited Churches in belgrade

According to some unconfirmed dates, Belgrade has over 300 places of worship, temples and monasteries. Most of them are Catholic, whether they are Orthodox or Roman catholic.   

Only one of these places of worship, stands out  for its monumental size. It’s Saint Sava temple. Others, much smaller fascinate with their centuries old charm. Below are some of most known:

Over the past centuries, smaller religious communities in Belgrade have almost disappeared. In particular, this refers to the Jewish and Muslim communities. According, the census records in 1940 there were 12.000 Jews. Today, only about 2.200 of the Jewish live in Belgrade.

Jewish Synagogue in Zemun
Old Jewish Synagogue in Zemun (today closed)

As as consequence, from four synagogues, only one left in the function. Today, among many museums in Belgrade, there is also Jewish museum, in Kralja Petra 71a street.

More radical changes have influenced the muslim mosques in Belgrade. The only one left is The Bajrakli Mosque (dzamija in Serbian language). This one built around 1575, is the only mosque in the city out of the 273 that had existed during  the Ottoman Empire’s rule of Serbia.

Ružica (Little rose) Church

The church of the Holly Mother of God, better known as Ružica (Little rose) is a unique and beautiful church inside Kalemegdan Fortress.  It’s one of the oldest churches in Belgrade. 

During its history this small jewel was destroyed several times. First time by Turks, second time in First World War and in 1944 was heavily damaged but always rebuild. Today is a real beauty that every tourist  should visit it.   

The church of the Holly Mother of God
The church of the Holly Mother of God
The church of the Holly Mother of God
The church of the Holly Mother of God
The church of the Holly Mother of God

Monasteries in Belgrade

Medieval monasteries and churches testify to the rise and fall of the Serbian state. Serbia is particularly proud of its monasteries.

Starting, from Studenica and Sopocani to the Patriarchate of Pec; from the monasteries of Fruska Gora (near Novi Sad) to Manasija, Ravanica and Zica, these are Serbia’s best known monasteries. But, in Belgrade there are few monasteries worth to be visited.