5 reasons to visit Serbia

5 Reasons to Visit Serbia

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Nevertheless, if you’re one of those people who need some reasons to visit Serbia as your next destination just, keep on reading. It is not surprising that Serbia has been unfairly forgotten for years. Serbia has been a highly underrated travel destination for decades. Recently, many tourists start discovering Serbia. It’s capital, Belgrade, is the […]

Belgrade Street Food Yummy Ideas

Belgrade street food yummy Ideas Belgrade street food is a foundation of its culinary heritage. Belgrade is a city where it is impossible to stay hungry.  This kind of food is much more than a food. When you ask people about their impression of Belgrade, one of the first things they will talk about is […]

Raspberries in Serbia

Serbia Raspberries Red blood of Serbia

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According to data from the World Raspberry Organization, Serbia raspberry has reached 80.00 tonnes of production. Consequently, Serbia has become the world leader in raspberries export before USA , followed by Poland. It’s well-known that Serbia has a fertile soil, good for many cultivations and fruits, but one became the principal among all the others. […]

Food In Belgrade Your Travel Experience

When visiting Belgrade for the first time, the question ‘what is food in Belgrade’ will be an important part of your travel experience. Discover why food is and always has been an important part of culture. Although, all our travels will start with planning how to explore all the main historic and cultural sights of […]

Kajmak Serbian cheese like product

Kajmak Serbian Cheese-like

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Kajmak or Kaymak is a typical Serbian milk product. Above all, it’s a  fresh dairy product, rich in milk fat (around 60%) with distinguishing gusto, color and uniformity. Although, this product can be found throughout the Middle East and South-East Europe, it’s  the original Serbian creation. Similarly, the English equivalent  would be a skim milk. […]