Most Beautiful Serbian Monasteries

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Studenica monastery © Ljilja July 2019 Page Content Without knowing Serbian monasteries, it’s difficult to understand the Serbian people. Serbian history can be best viewed through her churches, monasteries and temples. Monasteries tell the story of Serbian endowment. The most beautiful and the oldest temples were built by the powerful Serbian rulers. Some of them […]

Why You Should Visit Belgrade

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Romantic entrance to King Gate, Kralj kapija at Kalemegdan Why you should visit Belgrade  for the first time? Many people coming in this city for the first time, simply don’t know what to expect of Belgrade and Serbia.  Prejudices are the last to die. Who better than Belgrade and Serbia know what this word means. […]


Belgrade Beer Festival

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Beer Festival in Belgrade 2018

Beer festival in Belgrade should not be envious of the most famous beer festival in Berlin. The influential British magazine “The Independent” listed this festival as ‘one of the most attractive events on the planet’. Perhaps, ‘Independent’ has been exaggerating but the fact is, this beer festival is the most visited festival in the South […]


Serbia is not in Russia!

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Distance between Serbia and Siberia

The fact that friendship between Serbia and Russia lasts for centuries is not a secret. Perhaps it would be better to define it as a brotherhood. Not by chance, the Serbs say ‘we and Russians are six hundred million’. But in this case, what amazes me is that many people have no idea about this  […]

3 Days In Belgrade Travel Guide

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3 days in belgrade travel guide When planning a short break for 3 days in Belgrade, I’ll try to find enough things to occupy you. Belgrade has reputation as  not the most attractive city in Eastern Europe. After this short three day around Belgrade guide, you’ll profoundly change those hearsay and bla bla bla voices. […]

Where Is Belgrade Capital of Serbia?

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Where is Belgrade? Surfing the Internet I’ve seen many people asking ‘where is Belgrade Serbia’. Considering rather high volume of searchers I think it won’t hurt to point out precisely where is Belgrade located. Sometimes, it seems, people know much more about Beograd then about Serbia. It is surprising that so many people have no […]