Belgrade Coffee Drinking

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Turkish coffee with ratluk

Belgrade coffee drinking culture has a very long tradition. Having a cup of coffee can’t be considered only just like ‘a tool to wake up’. For local people is much more than that! Belgrade people like to drink coffee. They do drink a lot of coffee. But the way they enjoy coffee, has become a […]


Serbia is not in Russia!

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Distance between Serbia and Siberia

The fact that friendship between Serbia and Russia lasts for centuries is not a secret. Perhaps it would be better to define it as a brotherhood. Not by chance, the Serbs say ‘we and Russians are six hundred million’. But in this case, what amazes me is that many people have no idea about this  […]

Contact Me

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Contact Me Do you have questions about your trip to Belgrade? If yes, do contact me. Do you need an answer to a question before you arrive? If so, then let me know. I would love to help! Please fill out the form below. Make sure you include a valid email address (or I won’t […]