Most Beautiful Serbian Monasteries

Studenica monastery © Ljilja July 2019 Page Content Without knowing Serbian monasteries, it’s difficult to understand the Serbian people. Serbian history can be best viewed through her churches, monasteries and temples. Monasteries tell the story of Serbian endowment. The most beautiful and the oldest temples were built by the powerful Serbian rulers. Some of them […]

New Belgrade Brutalist Architecture

It’s not the first time I’ve heard the expression New Belgrade brutalist architecture.  Since 1976 when I came to Belgrade, New Belgrade has been in full swing with construction. New Belgrade brutalist architecture buildings © by Filip Budimovski / At that time no one was concerned about this brutalist communist architecture.  Many forget that […]

Ex Yugoslavia map

Ex Yugoslavia Memory

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Ex Yugoslavia doesn’t’ exist any more. There are almost thirty years that the name Yugoslavia is not pronounced. Is it true that this name doesn’t really mean nothing anymore to anyone? I wouldn’t say, this name has disappeared completely from the minds of people. There is still the memory of ex country. Yugoslavia was a […]