New Belgrade Brutalist Architecture

It’s not the first time I’ve heard the expression New Belgrade brutalist architecture.  Since 1976 when I came to Belgrade, New Belgrade has been in full swing with construction. New Belgrade brutalist architecture buildings © by Filip Budimovski / At that time no one was concerned about this brutalist communist architecture.  Many forget that […]

Zemun Belgrade Most Scenic District

Zemun Belgrade is a scenic neighborhood on the Danube’s river right bank. It’s one of the oldest neighborhoods in all area of Belgrade city. Your visit of Belgrade won’t be complete in any way without at least half a day spent in this town. Although it makes a part of Belgrade city, it still maintains […]

Belgrade Tours – Which One Is Right for You?

Belgrade Tours – Which One Is Right for You? Belgrade tours will be a great way to experience Serbia’s capital. But equally important, it will be to pick out the right one. On the contrary, the wrong one can be waste of time and money.  When deciding on which tour to book, keep in mind […]