Things To Do In Belgrade

Belgrade, perhaps isn’t the most beautiful capital in Europe, but I guarantee you there are a lot of stuffs to do in Belgrade. In last 10 years a lot has changed in Belgrade and Serbia. Traces of the wars of the 1990s are hard to find in Belgrade. Today, Belgrade has become as Lonely Planet […]

New Belgrade Brutalist Architecture

It’s not the first time I’ve heard the expression New Belgrade brutalist architecture.  Since 1976 when I came to Belgrade, New Belgrade has been in full swing with construction. New Belgrade brutalist architecture buildings © by Filip Budimovski / At that time no one was concerned about this brutalist communist architecture.  Many forget that […]

Zemun Belgrade Most Scenic District

Zemun Belgrade is a scenic neighborhood on the Danube’s river right bank. It’s one of the oldest neighborhoods in all area of Belgrade city. Your visit of Belgrade won’t be complete in any way without at least half a day spent in this town. Although it makes a part of Belgrade city, it still maintains […]

Belgrade Tours – Which One Is Right for You?

Belgrade Tours – Which One Is Right for You? Belgrade tours will be a great way to experience Serbia’s capital. But equally important, it will be to pick out the right one. On the contrary, the wrong one can be waste of time and money.  When deciding on which tour to book, keep in mind […]

Belgrade Parks And Open Spaces

There are about 65  Belgrade parks. All of them are public. Most of them are scattered throughout the city. It is true that at first sight Belgrade may seem quite a ‘grey’ city. Particularly, this impression one can get, visiting large residential blocks of New Belgrade. But sooner or later, visitor will discover that Serbian […]

Churches In Belgrade

There is no lack of churches in Belgrade. In Belgrade you will find the churches of all religions. This city has always respected the churches of different faiths. Belgrade is full of famous and interesting churches, monasteries and places of worship of different confessions to visit and admire. Serbia is a country of Orthodox religion. […]

Top Museums In Belgrade

Top Museums in Belgrade There is no shortage of museums in Belgrade. With almost 40 museums Belgrade offers their visitors a unique experience during their stay in Belgrade. All visitors will have a chance to select museums according their interest in as little time as possible. Museums cover all aspects of cultural and historical life […]